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Empowering you to see what's really true about you, to love yourself so you can love others, and to create room for joy in your life.

Living in wholeness and
doing it joyfully

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Affirm and declare what’s true about you. Know your worth and value. Your difficulties don’t determine your value. Your feelings and thoughts influence your choices. Reframe how you see yourself and agree with how God sees you.

A collection of poems, reflections, quotesstories, music and gifts to help make room for wholeness and joy in the different seasons of your life. The in between places. The places where love and light are waiting to embrace you.

Everyone has a story.  We are more alike than we are different. Stories help us to connect and relate to each other – they not only reveal our humanity, but they show us how the power of God’s love and light helps us to heal and live free.

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You were BUILT to GLOW

You are a vessel of light and love, though you may not always feel like it because of life’s ups and downs. Like the flowers need the sun, you need light and love to grow.  Light reveals what’s right, good and true and also what’s not. Love comforts, and sooths the wounded  places of your heart and fills your soul so you can shine like the bright light that you are.  You were built to radiate love and light from deep within you. You were built to GLOW.

Who is this for

  • You’re on the path to healing from emotional, relational or spiritual trauma
  • You want to take accountability for your emotional wellness
  • Your self-worth is important to you
  • You’re ready to take an active role cultivating joy in your life
  • You want to grow
  • You appreciate a faith-integrated approach to maintain your emotional well-being
  • You are open and ready for real love

Who is this NOT for

  • You have managed to live a life free from any kind of trauma
  • You do not believe emotional wellness is your responsibility
  • A healthy self-worth is not that important to you
  • You believe someone other than you is responsible for your happiness
  • You cringe at the thought of growing
  • You do not believe your spiritual well-being and emotional well-being are connected
  • You are satisfied with superficial expressions of what seems like love

From an eternal reservoir – you were built to GLOW.

You were not created to dwell in a state of deprivation, discouragement, distress, disconnection or despair.  Your emotional well-being affects every part of your life and how you show up in the world.

You were created by a God who is Love, to receive His love for you and to love. This is a glowing place. On your path to healing, grow deeper in your understanding of God’s love for you, grow in your love for God, your love for yourself and build relationships on healthy foundations. 

When you embrace who you were created to be, it liberates you to live emotionally whole and joyful.  You can begin to make room to radiate that same light and love in the spaces around you. You were built for it.

When you embrace your true worth and value, it empowers you and you begin to live in freedom and emotional wholeness.

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Longing for compassion, hope, courage, kindness, freedom, choice, humility, forgiveness, inner fortitude, creativity, joy, and simplicity? You are not alone.

If you are reading these words, you are warmly welcomed here. Maybe you needed this today – right now!

Come with us on a journey to living whole and joyful.  You may discover that as you embrace who God made you to be, you begin to light the way for others to do the same. Inhale deeply, exhale deeply and be all that you are meant to be – because dear heart you, YES you were built to GLOW! 

GLOW & Feel Good

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